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Tourist Attractions in Turkey

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About Turkey

Many people do not even imagine Turkey without beaches, all-inclusive system and huge portions in hotels. And for nothing! After all, how many wonderful things can open this ancient country, the history of which was created by more than one powerful civilisation. Turkey is a country that definitely has a soul and manages to mesmerise even the most fastidious tourist.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey is Istanbul. It is full of attractions. In the old districts there is the Grand Bazaar – a place of Turkish flavour, Dolmabahce Palace and Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Cathedral. While visiting these places, one realises that Turkey has something much more valuable than five-star hotels and resorts.

Everyone knows about the places described in the Iliad, but not everyone realises that many of them are located in Turkey. You can touch the ancient and magical history in the ancient cities of the country, as well as in the area of Cappadocia.

And, of course, the beaches. In Turkey they are for every taste. From sandy to covered with pebbles and stones, surrounded by ancient bays and fortress walls. Beach holidays in Turkey are synonymous with comfort and idleness, because tourism in the country is very well developed. But do not forget about the architectural and historical sights. They are worth it.

Top Cities to Visit in Turkey

Top-30 Tourist Attractions in Turkey


Istanbul is located on two shores, on different continents and in different centuries. More than three thousand architectural and cultural monuments reflect the history of the four empires whose capital was Istanbul. The Bosphorus Strait divides it into two parts – Europe and Asia. Istanbul has absorbed the best of each. It is a city of fairy tales and grandeur, silhouetted not only by mosques and palaces, but also by skyscrapers, banks and shopping centres.


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It is a 30 kilometre long strait separating Europe and Asia Minor. Its maximum width is 3,700 metres and its minimum width is 700 metres. The strait was formed about 7,500 years ago by the melting of large amounts of ice and snow. The Bosphorus is the heart of Istanbul, which gave birth to the city and became its symbol. If you take a walk along the strait, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the capital of Turkey.


In the heart of Turkey lies a unique area rich in history and attractions. The first thing that surprises Cappadocia is its landscapes. Here you can see mushroom-shaped rocks and low mountains. There is also a real underground kingdom preserved here. The first Christians dug cave cavities here, creating cities underground. They reached a depth of 85 metres and were inhabited by up to 10,000 people.


It is a world-famous thermal spa. It was created by nature itself. Apart from the fact that Pamukkale’s waters are curative, the springs look as if drawn from the pages of a fairy tale. Due to the deposition of salts, they are like snow-white terraces. In such salt pools and relaxing holidaymakers. Near Pamukkale there is another interesting place – the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Dolmabahçe Palace

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The Dolmabahçe Palace owes its appearance to Abdul-Mejid I’s desire to be closer to European wealth. It is the most “non-Turkish” residence of the Sultan in Istanbul. The palace was built from 1842 to 1853 in Baroque style, spending 14 tonnes of gold alone. Dolmabahce consists of three parts with 285 rooms and 44 halls. There are also lovely park pavilions and a summer palace on the grounds.
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Mount Ararat

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Mount Ararat is located in the east of Turkey. According to biblical stories, Noah’s ark once docked there. Mount Ararat consists of the cones of two volcanoes that merged at their bases: Big Ararat and Little Ararat. The height of the first one is 5165 metres. It is the highest point of Turkey. On the slopes of the mountain there are many glacial caves, a national park, flowering valleys and picturesque glades, as well as ancient monasteries.

Hagia Sophia

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This cathedral is a symbol of the “Golden Age” of Byzantium, the best example of Byzantine architecture. The history of the cathedral begins in the IV century. For more than a thousand years the cathedral was the largest Christian temple. Its height is 55.6 metres and the diameter of the dome is 31 metres. The sum equal to two annual budgets of Byzantium was spent on the construction of the luxurious cathedral.
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The Blue Mosque

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The mosque stands on the shore of the Sea of Marmara. It is a symbol of the city, unparalleled in the world. The first thing that distinguishes the Blue Mosque from others is that it has six minarets, not four. According to the legend, it was due to the mistake of the architect, who did not hear the sultan’s instructions well. The mosque was built from 1609 to 1616, using marble, stone and ceramics. The construction turned out to be majestic, awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring.

Swandor Hotels & Resorts Topkapi Palace

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The palace was built in 1479 on the orders of Sultan Mehmed. It has an area of 700 thousand m² and is surrounded by a 1400 metre long wall. Topkapi Palace has witnessed the life and reign of 25 sultans. It was within its walls that the love story of the concubine Hürrem, who became the Sultan’s wife, and Suleiman the Magnificent developed. In the series “The Magnificent Century” events take place in the luxurious Topkapi Palace.

Galata Tower

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This is one of the oldest landmarks in Istanbul. There was a tower in this area as early as the 5th century. The surviving structure was built by the Genoese in 1348-1349 on a hill. The height of the structure is 61 metres, and because of its location on the hill, it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. At the top of the tower there is an observation deck with amazing views.
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Maiden's Tower

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The Maiden Tower is located on a small rocky island in the Bosphorus Strait. Its history dates back centuries before our era, it is shrouded in legends and romantic stories. Today it is very popular with tourists, it has a restaurant, museum, souvenir shop, observation deck, cafe and bar. The tower was depicted in the painting “View of the Leandra Tower in Constantinople” by Aivazovsky.
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Grand Bazaar

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The historic centre of Istanbul is home to one of the largest covered bazaars in the world. The Grand Bazaar was built back in 1461 and has become the soul of the city. The bazaar occupies several blocks, 61 streets intertwine within it, there are 4400 shops, more than 2000 ateliers, 18 fountains, mosques and even a school. You can buy everything here, including handmade carpets, gold, silver, amulets and spices.
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Basilica Cistern

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It is an underground reservoir built by the Greeks in the 4th century. At first sight it resembles a palace, because it consists of 336 nine-metre high columns, which differ in appearance. They were brought from ancient temples. The Basilica cistern held 100,000 tonnes of water. The walls of the cistern were fireproof and covered with water-insulating mortar. The Basilica was used for its intended purpose until the 16th century.
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Ephesus Ancient City

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Ephesus is a huge open-air museum. The history of the city began in the 5th century BC, and in the 15th century it was destroyed. Archaeologists restored it and prepared it for tourists to see. The main attraction of Ephesus is the Temple of Artemis – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You can see the city by entering from the upper or lower entrance, but it is more convenient to walk along the road leading from the top to the bottom.
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Side Ancient City

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It is the main archaeological area of Turkey and also one of the most popular resorts. It is located on a peninsula 75 kilometres from Antalya. On the territory of the ancient city, the walls have been preserved, there are half-destroyed columns, public baths, and there is a museum in them. Further you can see the ruins of the temple of Dionysus, Tyche and Fortuna, a huge theatre where gladiator fights were held.
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Phaselis Ancient City

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60 kilometres from Antalya, at the foot of Mount Tahtala, described by Homer in the Iliad, are the ruins of the ancient town of Fazelis. It was founded in the 7th century BC by colonists from Rhodes. Tourists can see in the city ruins of the aqueduct, which supplied water to the whole city, an ancient wall, theatre, temples and necropolis. It is said that Alexander the Great was buried here.
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Ancient City of Troy

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The city is located in the north-western part of Anatolia. It is on the UNESCO heritage list. But it is already very popular without that. Everyone has heard of Troy, but not everyone knows what the legendary city from the pages of the Iliad is all about. At the entrance to the city there is a replica of the Trojan Horse, a museum, a garden and ruins of buildings, houses and temples.
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Alanya Castle

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The fortress was built in the 13th century in southern Turkey. It is located on a rocky peninsula 250 metres high. The total length of the massive walls encircling the buildings is 8 kilometres. The fortress had 160 towers and there are more than 400 underground reservoirs. On the territory of the fortress there were a mint, a bathhouse, a mosque, a winter palace, places for trade, a church, a training ground for the military. Now there is a museum in the fortress.
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Red Tower

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This tower is the symbol of Alanya. It was built in 1226 by Alladin Keykubat. The tower got its name because of the red colour of the bricks it is made of. Although the exterior of the building looks laconic, inside everything is very intricately built. The five floors of the tower could accommodate up to 2,000 soldiers, and the light that comes from the top of the tower reaches the ground floor.
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Mount Nemrut

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The height of the mountain is 2150 metres, but the climb doesn’t scare anyone. There is a rather unusual attraction here. In 62 BC, the king of Commagene, Antiochus I Theos, built a tomb for himself on the top of the mountain. Its centre was a mound almost 50 metres high and 150 metres wide. Underneath it is the king’s coffin, with statues around it, which tourists come to see.

Lycian Rock-Cut Tombs of Myra

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Lycia is an ancient country in the present-day provinces of Mugla and Antalya. The Lycians inhabited it in the 1st millennium B.C. Of all the cultural heritage of this people, the best preserved are the tombs. More than 1000 of them were found on the territory of Lycia, carved in rocks or on the tops of mountains. Some tombs had two rooms, were decorated with columns, and some were distinguished by their enormous size.

Hadrian's Gate

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The arched gate in Side is the main entrance to the once prosperous city, the most important port of Pamphylia. They were built in 71 BC in honour of Emperor Vespasian and his son. The height of the gates exceeds 6 metres. Although their appearance has changed many times over the years, their walls have been preserved as they were. On the sides of the gate are statues of famous and honoured people.
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Green Canyon

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It is the largest canyon reservoir in Turkey. It is located in the Taurus Mountains, 350 metres above sea level. The place owes its appearance to the construction of a hydroelectric power station. 27 natural springs continuously feed the reservoir with a depth of up to 100 metres. The canyon is cool and very beautiful. It is one of the best destinations for excursions in Antalya.
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Sümela Monastery

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The monastery is believed to have been founded by the monk Barnabas at the end of the 4th century. It is located on the chalk rock of Trabzon. After its foundation until 1923, the icon of the Virgin Mary Panagia Sumela, which is said to have been painted by Apostle Luke, was kept in the monastery. It is a popular place of pilgrimage, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the monastery every year. In addition, it is located in an incredibly picturesque place.
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Damlataş Cave

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In the centre of Alanya is the beautiful Damlatas salt cave. It is very easy to get there on your own. The cave is famous for its healing properties and is very useful for people with asthma. Inside the cave nature has formed fanciful figures and landscapes out of multi-coloured stalactites. There is a special route for tourists in the cave.
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Cleopatra Antique Pools

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The pool is located in Pamukkale, a place famous for its thermal waters. It is said that the queen used to take a bath in it to be beautiful and look young. The reservoir maintains a constant temperature of 35°C, the water is healing and not only mineral, but also carbonated! It is similar to bathing in champagne. Staying in the water is limited to 2 hours.
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İztuzu Beach

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Dalyan is a resort town with a comfortable and pleasant climate. Among its main attractions are turtles. Dalyan is the second place in the world where the endangered “Caretta” Mediterranean turtles live. Here they lay their eggs and tourists can lie on the beach, sunbathe and watch the little turtles being born.

Kızıl Islands

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It is a group of nine islands. They are located near the shore of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara. They got their name because of the exile of princes and people close to the emperors during the Byzantine Empire. Popular with tourists are day tours to the islands, which depart daily from Istanbul.

Flow Manavgat Waterfall

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This is a waterfall on the Manavgat River in Antalya province. Settlements were formed on its banks as early as the 6th century BC. Although the waterfall itself is not high, it is very picturesque. On it you can relax from the heat, sit in a shady restaurant, bathe in the cool and refreshing water. On Mondays there is a bazaar on Manavgat where you can buy delicious fruits and spices.
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Duden Waterfalls

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The waterfall cascade formed by the Düden River is located in Antalya and consists of two parts. The bubbling, powerful stream of cool water of the upper waterfall falls from a 20 metre high mountain and creates an incredible picture. The water splits into several streams, making it even more beautiful. A beautiful coniferous forest grows around it. The height of the lower Duden waterfall is 40 metres. Its waters fall into the sea.