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Tourist Attractions in South Africa

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in South Africa

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About South Africa

A former colonial jewel of the British Empire and now an independent state, South Africa is one of the richest countries in Africa. There are deposits of precious stones, gold and platinum, the extraction of which provides South Africa with considerable income.
The tourism industry is well developed – dozens of high-class hotels welcome guests. The best beaches of East London and Port Elizabeth are well equipped. Excursions to colonial Pretoria or Cape Town are organised at a decent level.

People go to South Africa for breathtaking views of the Dragon Mountains, the legendary Cape of Good Hope, for the atmosphere of numerous festivals and holidays, for the unimaginable mixture of the traditional African way of life, colonial times and modernity. The country is very popular with European and American tourists.

Top-25 Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Cape Town

A beautiful city located at the very edge of the continent – the Cape of Good Hope. The old quarters of the city are filled with mansions, villas, former administrative buildings, which can be seen as monuments of Dutch architecture and Victorian building traditions. The population of Cape Town is descended from Afrikaans-speaking Boers, English-speaking whites, and black immigrants from the interior of South Africa.


A modern energetic city, the financial heart of the country. All major events in the business world take place here, major contracts are signed and negotiations on multi-billion dollar investments are underway. Johannesburg emerged at the dawn of the African “gold rush” and immediately began to develop as a business centre of the country. There is also a dark side – for the last 20 years the city has been considered the criminal capital of South Africa.

Apartheid Museum

5595 reviews
Located in Johannesburg on the territory of Gold Reef City Park. The museum’s expositions are devoted to the history of oppression of black people since the arrival of European colonisers (first the Dutch, then the British). The apartheid policy lasted until 1994 and was part of the official state ideology. The museum is dedicated to the memory of the victims of unjust racial segregation.
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Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

One of Cape Town’s landmarks, the “Victorian Harbour”, restored in the 1990s. In addition to restored historic buildings, it is home to trendy restaurants and bars, museums, and shopping centres. The harbour is a popular place for strolling and for exciting boat trips. From the quay you can go on a boat trip or simply enjoy a stroll along the well-maintained pavements.

Kalahari Desert

2584 reviews
An ever-growing desert in southern Africa. Its red-orange sands have already invaded the territory of its neighbours Zambia, Angola and Zimbabwe. The Kalahari covers almost 8 per cent of the entire continent and its area is steadily increasing. This area is home to an indigenous tribe of Bushmen, who, as thousands of years ago, live by hunting and primitive crafts. Excursions to Bushmen settlements are popular with tourists.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

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Located in the outskirts of Cape Town at Table Mountain. The garden covers an area of more than 530 hectares and is considered one of the largest in the world. More than 7000 species of unique plants, characteristic only for the southern part of Africa, grow here. The territory of the park is very well-maintained, there are paths through the thickets. The garden was created more than a hundred years ago in 1913 in order to save a unique ecological system from destruction by man.
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Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Kruger National Park

19583 reviews
A reserve of South Africa, where representatives of typical African fauna live in a natural environment: rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, lions, giraffes, leopards and other species of animals. The famous Crocodile and Limpopo rivers flow through the territory of the park. On the area occupied by the reserve, a small state could be located. Since 2002, Kruger has become part of the Great Limpopo Transnational Park, an interstate nature reserve.
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325 reviews
It is located a couple of hours drive from Johannesburg, which has made it very popular with tourists. It is a small park in the crater of an ancient volcano with an area of about 600 km². It is home to the so-called “Big Five” African animals: rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard and elephant. The term comes from hunting safaris, as these animals are regarded as the most important trophies and are extremely difficult to obtain.

Tsitsikamma National Park

1279 reviews
It comprises several dozen kilometres of coastal territory along with a five-kilometre coastline. One third of the park is occupied by dense forests growing in river gorges. The fauna is represented by a wide variety of species: African weasel, Dominican gull, ostrich, olive woodpecker, dolphin, whale, killer whale, otter and many others. A laboratory for the study of endangered fish species is based in the reserve.
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199 reviews
A mountain range running through South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. In the language of the local tribe, the name of the chain is “Kwathlamba”, meaning “rocky place”. Part of the system is part of the UNESCO-protected Drakensberg National Park. The Drakensberg Mountains hold large reserves of platinum, gold and other less valuable but useful ores. In the rocks there are caves with ancient rock paintings that are more than 8000 years old.

Maclear's Beacon

443 reviews
Located to the south-west of Cape Town on the shore of the bay of the same name, it is considered a visiting card of this city (even the city flag bears its image). A lot of archaeological artefacts were found in the area of the Dining Hall. According to them, scientists have concluded that people have been living in this area for tens of thousands of years. A cable car leads to the mountain, and there are hiking trails near the slopes.

Lion's Head

269 reviews
The name of the mountain translates from English as “lion’s head”, originally the British colonisers called the rock “sugar head”. This small peak rises only 670 metres above Cape Town. From the observation deck you can enjoy a panoramic view. Numerous tourists like to take photos against the backdrop of Cape Town “floating” below or against the mesmerising African sunset.

Cradle of Humankind

1938 reviews
A site where excavations have found important evidence of human origins. The area includes the caves of Svartkransa, Makapan, Sterkfontein, Taung, Kromdraai (over 200 caves in total). Excavations are ongoing as not all caves have been explored. Archaeologists are constantly finding ancient fossilised remains of humans and relict animals, as well as remains of tools and household items. The area is protected by UNESCO.
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The Big Hole

4165 reviews
A former diamond quarry on the outskirts of the town of Kimberley. Interestingly, this huge hole was dug by people without the use of machinery. Diamond mining was carried out here from 1866 to 1914. For several decades miners extracted about three tonnes of precious stones. The famous 287-carat Tiffany, the 153.5-carat Porter-Rhodes and some large specimens of the diamond giant De Beers came out of the quarry.
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Blyde River Canyon

546 reviews
One of the main natural attractions of South Africa. It is a green river gorge with many viewing platforms for tourists, from where you can enjoy a very beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Unlike other canyons with rocky and poorly vegetated slopes, there is a rich fauna here. Tourists can book a hang-gliding flight and see the natural beauty from an unusual angle.

Garden Route District Municipality

Garden Route is a well-known hiking route along the Indian Ocean coast, from St Francis Bay to Mussel Cove. The route passes through the towns of Albertine, Stilbaai, Naisna, George and the coastal strip of Tsitsikamma National Park. The Garden Route is home to secluded beaches, wilds of brightly coloured flowers, coves and picturesque meadows. The route is one of the top destinations for travellers.

Cape of Good Hope

10409 reviews
At the southern tip of Africa, warm and cold currents meet, with the Atlantic Ocean mixing with the Indian Ocean. This occurs at a place called the Cape of Good Hope. During the period of active exploration of African lands, it was a ruinous place for sailors, as unpredictable sea currents often led to shipwrecks. The legendary Vasco da Gama visited this place, and the Cape is associated with the legend of the Flying Dutchman.
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Cango Caves

6604 reviews
The formations are located in the Black Mountains of Svartberg. It is an extensive underground complex with a total length of 5 kilometres. Only the first 2 kilometres are accessible to the public. The entrance to the cave is located 50 metres deep from the ground surface. The Kango complex has several underground halls of different sizes with poetic names: Wedding Hall, Rainbow Hall, Throne Hall, Devil’s Workshop, Crystal Forest Hall. It is possible to descend into the cave with an organised tour.
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Robben Island

417 reviews
The island where the “father of the nation” Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his life in prison. The prison, which has existed on Robben Island for almost 400 years, used to belong to the East India Company and was used to hold exiles. During the heyday of the apartheid regime, a maximum security prison was established here. The tour itinerary includes a bus trip around the island, a walking tour of the prison and a visit to Mandela’s cell.

Chamonix Wine Farm

217 reviews
South Africa’s grape plantations and wineries, where high quality wine is produced according to ancient recipes. Many of these recipes have not changed since the 17th century. The farms were cultivated by French Huguenot settlers. The wines of South Africa are considered unique in terms of taste characteristics, they have no analogues, as grapes grow on sandy soil. Interesting excursions into the history of winemaking are organised for visitors.
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Sun City Resort

27242 reviews
A resort city, a major tourist centre on the territory of South Africa. It is considered a world masterpiece of landscape architecture. The resort was established in 1979. Many world stars from Frank Sinatra to “Boney M” have visited it. Miss World beauty pageants, boxing championships, and business conferences have been held here. In Sun City, guests are welcomed in high-class five-star hotels, where famous public figures often stay.
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8 reviews
A natural attraction located in the Natal National Park. This waterfall is considered the second largest in the world after Angel. Water streams fall from almost a kilometre high in the form of five cascades. There are several hiking trails around the waterfall, you can book a guided tour or explore the area on your own.


187 reviews
A “small” waterfall 146 metres high near the Namibian border. It is located 500 kilometres from the mouth of the Orange River. Powerful streams flow down a narrow gorge, and during large river floods thousands of cubic metres of water pass through the gorge in a few seconds. Below, the water collects in a natural floodplain, which is referred to as a “giant cauldron”. As the water jets fall, large waves are created and heavy spray flies around.

Golden Mile Beach

267 reviews
A popular beach in Durban. To the north, the area backs up to the city’s business district, where the Sunny Beach Casino is located. Bathing places are fenced with a reliable protective net from sharks, which live in large numbers in this part of the ocean. Golden Mile in high season often becomes a place for various events, festivals and holidays. There are numerous hotels and private apartments around the area.

Boulders Beach

21491 reviews
This beach is located near Cape Town. It is famous for its large population of penguins. They began arriving in 1982 and within a few years the colony had grown to an impressive size of almost 3,000. It is believed that the closure of the fish factory contributed to this and the penguins had enough food to eat. People swim in front of the birds resting on rocks, but it is forbidden to approach them.
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