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Tourist Attractions in India

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in India

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About India

India is the largest country in South Asia. It has a large area and a very large population. It is among the top ten countries in the world in terms of these two indicators. It is the birthplace of ancient Indian culture. On its territory there are many historical and architectural monuments. Modern rapid development of the country favours technical progress and improves the quality of life of the population, but, by European standards, they are still low.

The country’s natural riches make it an incredibly popular travelling destination. Since ancient times, other nations have endeavoured to see all its wonders with their own eyes. Each state is a hotel set of attractions, among which it is easy to find places for every taste.
Large cities (New Delhi, Mumbai) – megacities, noisy and active. Deeper – villages in the jungle, secluded beaches. There is a lot of exoticism in the country, in all spheres of life. The nature of the tropics, intricate palaces and temples, the great Ganges and the Indian Ocean, colourful saris and spices. There is almost nothing in India that is familiar to the inhabitant of another country. The main directions of tours: excursions (“”Golden Triangle””), beach (Goa), Ayurveda and spiritual practices. A separate direction is the Himalayas. As souvenirs you can bring wonderful fabrics, spices, tea, jewellery. The best time to visit the country is from October to March.

Top Cities to Visit in India

Top-18 Tourist Attractions in India

Taj Mahal

735 reviews
The most famous and majestic mausoleum of the country. The snow-white huge tomb of Shah Jahan and his wife. The building is made of rare marble inlaid with semi-precious stones. Visited by millions of tourists, it is protected by UNESCO.
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The oldest city in India. Located on the Ganges River, it is a place of pilgrimage for many locals and visitors. Ritual actions are performed on its banks. The centre of the world for Hindus, the most important and revered place for them. It has a unique history, architecture and everyday life.


18360 reviews
The largest and longest river in India. It is of great economic and cultural importance for the country. It is a sacred river for Hindus, the place of numerous rituals. It originates in the Himalayas and descends to the Bay of Bengal. Partially navigable. Flora and fauna are gradually becoming poorer, but still of interest to tourists. Many towns and temples have been built along the banks.

Lotus Temple

55921 reviews
A relatively young temple of New Delhi, built in 1986. Externally, it looks very much like a huge, snow-white lotus flower. The main temple of Bahai religion in India. Exceptional, by architectural solution, building, unusually spectacular at any time of day. There is a garden next to the temple. One of the most popular places for tourists in Delhi.
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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus

90004 reviews
The most unusual building in Mumbai, its symbol. The architecture of the railway station is fanciful and very decorative, reminiscent of a maharaja’s palace. It was built by British architects, during colonisation, but stylised to suit local traditions. Previously bore the name of Queen Victoria. It was the site of the filming of Slumdog Millionaire.

Ajanta Caves

20652 reviews
Buddhist temple complex. It is a set of rooms for prayers and life of monks, carved in stone and decorated with rich carvings and columns. The wall paintings of the complex are interesting and valuable, many surviving fragments belong to the genre of traditional Indian miniature painting.


The site of an ancient city, the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Now there are remains of ancient buildings and functioning Hindu temples. There are 18 ancient architectural and historical monuments in Hampi district. It is protected by UNESCO.

Qutab Minar

One of the tallest minarets in the world. It is a 72 metre high structure made of brick, decorated with carvings and artistic masonry. It was built in Delhi by several generations of sultan rulers. It is protected by UNESCO.

India Gate

256206 reviews
Monument to Indian soldiers who died in the First World War. Opened in 1931. Located right in the centre of the capital. Externally, it resembles the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The monument is made of sandstone, about 40 metres high. On the walls of the arch are engraved the names of the dead. Nearby is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There is a large park around the memorial.

India's gateway to Mumbai

A symbolic gate-arch built on the waterfront in Mumbai. It was erected in honour of King George V’s visit to the country. The last British soldiers left India through this symbolic gate after independence.

Hawa Mahal

131806 reviews
Located in the city of Jaipur, its second name is the Palace of Winds. It is unique in architecture, all pierced with windows. Since the palace was built for harem, all the windows were covered with marble bars, the white colour of which perfectly blends with the red walls of the building. Five floors, about a thousand windows in a lacy stone frame.
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Agra Fort

129711 reviews
A grand fortress built of red sandstone. Located in Agra, it is one of the two most significant landmarks of the region. It was built by several generations of Mughals, the beginning of construction is attributed to the middle of the XVI century. Inside the impregnable walls there is a whole complex of buildings, palaces and parks. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mehrangarh Fort

62367 reviews
A huge fortress-palace on the top of a mountain. Located in the state of Rajasthan, just above the city of Jodhpur. Construction began in the middle of the 15th century, along with the construction of the city. The walls and gates were built over several centuries and became simply monumental. Until the middle of the 20th century, the fortress was home to the local rulers. Inside there is a museum, palaces and observation decks over the city.
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The Leela Palace Udaipur : Udaipur's Only Modern Palace Hotel By Lake Pichola

3419 reviews
The palace of the local ruler was built right in the centre of the reservoir. A white stone oriental castle, richly decorated with carvings, sits on the water surface. Nowadays it is rented out to tourists and inside there are about a hundred luxurious rooms. One of the James Bond films, Octopussy, was filmed here.
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Dudhsagar Falls

27322 reviews
The largest waterfall in India. It is located in a natural park – the largest in Goa. The road runs among tropical forests, in a real jungle, where there are many animals and birds. It can be reached only by special transport (jeeps). The jets fall from a height of 300 metres and are white in colour. There is a romantic legend explaining this peculiarity.


Indian state with about 100 kilometres of beaches running one after the other. It is divided into North and South. The Northern coast is more “youthful”, it can be noisy and cheerful. The southern coast is quieter, there are fewer hotels and they are more expensive. Almost all beaches are sandy and ideal for relaxation. The proximity of the sea determines the richest diet of fresh seafood.

Khar Danda Holi Shimga Fest

9 reviews
A festival of spring celebrated annually in India. It is celebrated for several days and has its own obligatory traditions. One of the most colourful and popular is sprinkling special dye powder on each other. All participants of the fun find themselves painted in different colours from head to toe.
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Bollywood Chilli/Sisha Garden(Hookah)

234 reviews
Indian film factory, named after the likes of Hollywood. Based in Mumbai, it is one of the largest film companies in the country. Produces films in several languages, both acutely social and entertainment. Works with great productivity, film production never stops.
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