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Tourist Attractions in Ireland

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Ireland

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About Ireland

This small country in the north of Europe receives almost 6.2 million tourists every year, which is 1.4 times the entire population of Ireland itself! You’ll agree, that’s a strong indication that this corner of the planet is definitely worth a visit. Moreover, in 2011, readers of the authoritative Lonely Planet named Ireland “”the best holiday destination in the world””. Another reason to go on holiday here.

A visit to Ireland usually starts with Dublin, the country’s largest city, where almost a quarter of the population lives. It is a beautiful city with very unusual architecture, which has retained its unique charm and is very different from other European capitals. Another very popular Irish city among travellers is Cork, known for its ancient history, famous inhabitants and numerous sights. In general, Ireland has a lot to offer to tourists – medieval Gothic castles, perfectly preserved majestic cathedrals, magnificent architecture, unique natural monuments, original culture and local customs.

Top Cities to Visit in Ireland

Top-20 Tourist Attractions in Ireland


1069 reviews
An incredibly picturesque valley that was created by glaciers in the eastern part of Ireland. Glendaloch is famous for its monastery, built back in the sixth century! Now this object is recognised as one of the main attractions of the country and attracts thousands of tourists. There are also clear lakes, unusual round towers, green hills and many small hotels for tourists in the valley.
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Great Skellig

270 reviews
“The Rock of Archangel Michael” is a beautiful island with a monastery, which was built at the end of the sixth century. Now there are ruins of ancient buildings, an active lighthouse and many beautiful natural corners of the island. Excursions to Skellig Michael Island are organised, as it is difficult to get there on your own.

Muckross House

9152 reviews
This manor house, now a museum, is located in the centre of Killarney National Park. It is famous for its unusual architecture, beautifully preserved interiors, and picturesque garden and arboretum. Macross House Manor hosts an annual cultural festival attracting many travellers.
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St Stephen's Green

28980 reviews
This is Dublin’s central park, created way back in 1664. St Stephen’s Green is known for its waterfowl pond, a garden for blind visitors, a walkway with numerous cafes and shops, lush flowerbeds and fountains. The park is also home to a medical college and an old cemetery adjoins it from the north.

Great Western Greenway

25 reviews
This is Ireland’s longest cycling route. It starts in Westport and takes you through some of the most picturesque parts of the country – past quaint villages, rolling hills and the rocky Atlantic coastline. Dizzying views and a wealth of experiences will reward outdoor enthusiasts.

Powerscourt House & Gardens

9201 reviews
It is the country’s most beautiful garden complex and is often referred to as “Ireland’s premier garden”. The castle itself was built in the 13th century and has been rebuilt and restored many times since. Today, the castle is surrounded by an unusually lush themed garden with fountains, sculptures, ponds, staircases, gazebos and an ancient tower.
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St Patrick's Cathedral

20221 reviews
The largest cathedral in Ireland, dedicated to the country’s most revered saint. It is believed that it was St Patrick who freed Ireland from snakes and did much to shape the national consciousness of the country’s population. The cathedral is Anglican, very beautiful and austere. At one time its dean was the famous writer Jonathan Swift.
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Blarney Castle & Gardens

10470 reviews
The surviving castle is the third fortification to be built in this corner of County Cork. The massive walls of the castle have survived several attacks and protected its inhabitants. Blarney Castle is famous for its Eloquence Stone, which grants this talent to all who kiss it.
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Aran Islands

225 reviews
Three picturesque islands – Inishman, Inishmore and Inishire – lie off the west coast of Ireland. It is remarkable that the islanders, who lived isolated from the rest of the country, have managed to preserve their unique customs, in particular, they still build low currach boats and wear national dress.

Eyre Square Centre

6457 reviews
Ireland is not just for pubs and medieval castles. You can also stroll down shopping streets and buy stunning, unusual items from local designers. For example, the shopping street in Galway County in the west of the country is famous for its many shops where you can find literally anything.
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Guinness Storehouse

18136 reviews
A cult attraction of Dublin, which is sought after not only by lovers of “foamy drink”, but also by avid teetotallers. In the museum you can learn about the traditions of the brand, see a collection of beer barrels, listen to a lecture about the harm of alcohol, and most importantly – taste the most famous varieties of Irish beer in the Gravity bar. By the way, entrance to the museum is free of charge.
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Sunday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM


One of Ireland’s most famous ‘small towns’, being the first town to have a government programme to address environmental and energy issues. Kinsale is known for its numerous restaurants, unique architecture and the annual Gourmet Food Festival.

Kilkenny Castle

11031 reviews
Another gem of Ireland, the pride of the country is the beautifully preserved 12th century castle. It is known for its glorious history, its beautifully preserved interior, and the regular park that surrounds it. The park is definitely worth a stroll to see the beauty of the flowerbeds with strict lines, as well as the ancient fountain.
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4197 reviews
One of the oldest landmarks in the country, a national treasure of Ireland. Newgrange is a megalithic cult structure that is over 4,500 years old! It is a corridor tomb with mounds and burial chambers, spiral patterns and designs on the stones. Newgrange is often compared to Stonehenge.

Kilmainham Gaol

1814 reviews
Built in the 18th century, the prison is now a very popular museum. In its time, thousands of prisoners were held here, including fighters for Irish independence. Among the inhabitants of the prison were women and children from 7 years old, and the conditions of their detention could not be called comfortable or even just acceptable.
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Ring of Kerry

A very popular tourist route that runs through the territory of County Kerry, along the picturesque peninsula of Iveragh. The length of this route is 166 kilometres, along the way tourists will find several castles, a waterfall, a monastery, a medieval church, beautiful villages and many other interesting things. The Ring of Kerry can be travelled by bus, car, bicycle, and there are also walking roads.

Cliffs of Moher

5634 reviews
Visiting these cliffs is recognised as Ireland’s most popular attraction – over one million people visit this corner of the country every year! The Cliffs of Moher offer stunning views of the Aran Islands and the Atlantic Ocean, which have been featured in several music videos and films. Today there is an eco-friendly visitor centre.

Grafton Street

One of Dublin’s busiest shopping streets. It is pedestrianised for almost its entire length and is packed with shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Musicians, poets, actors, jugglers and mimes are constantly performing on the street. For many of them, Grafton Street has been a permanent fixture for many years.

Trinity College Dublin

3777 reviews
One of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education not only in Ireland but also on the planet. Trinity College was founded in 1592, and over the years it has graduated many famous people, including Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde. By the way, Trinity College was one of the first colleges in Europe to admit women to study.

Rock of Cashel

13112 reviews
It is also known as St Patrick’s Rock, the ancient residence of the Irish kings. It was here that the patron saint of Ireland himself lived and preached in the 5th century. The Rock of Cashel is known for its well-preserved ancient buildings, in particular, fortress walls, Romanesque church, Gothic cathedral, the highest and most ancient round tower in the country.
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