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Tourist Attractions in Segovia

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Segovia

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About Segovia

Like many Spanish cities, Segovia can be called an open-air museum without exaggeration. There are so many sights concentrated in a small area that it seems as if History itself has settled among the stone walls of old houses. The grandiose Roman aqueduct, which has survived thousands of years, along with the Alcázar and the cathedral, are what tourists from all over the world come here for.

Segovia still has churches and monasteries built during the Early Middle Ages. Time seems to have no power over their mighty walls. Several small museums contain collections of ancient artefacts carefully preserved for future generations. The silent town squares may still remember the unhurried footsteps of royal processions and the clanking of the weapons of the noble cortes.

Top-15 Tourist Attractions in Segovia

Roman aqueduct of Segovia

97358 reviews
The Roman aqueduct in Segovia is the longest structure of this type in Western Europe that has survived since antiquity. It is 728 metres long and 28 metres high. There are still debates about the date of construction, gradually scientists are inclined to the version that it was erected in the time of Emperor Vespasian in the I century. It used to be part of a multi-kilometre water supply system.
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Alcázar de Segovia

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A royal fortress built on a rock at the confluence of two rivers. The Alcázar was founded by the Arabs around the 9th century, the first mention of it dates back to the 11th century. After the expulsion of the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula, the fortress became the residence of the kings of Castile. Isabella of Castile was crowned here, and here she married Ferdinand of Aragon. Currently, there is a museum on the territory of the fortress.
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Catedral de Segovia

19002 reviews
The first mention of the temple dates back to the 12th century, but this structure was destroyed by a revolt of Castilian feudal lords in the 16th century. The construction of the new cathedral lasted almost a century and a half. The work began under the direction of the architect J. G. de Ontañón (further under the direction of his son Rodrigo). Due to its grandiose size and rich interior, the temple looks more like a palace than a house of God.
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Plaza Mayor

7530 reviews
Almost every Spanish city has its own Plaza Mayor. Moreover, these squares are often very similar to each other. It is as if the place fulfils the function of an obligatory attribute and a distinctive sign. Segovia’s central square, like everywhere else, is filled with café tables and people walking around. It is surrounded on all sides by historical buildings of XIV-XV centuries. During a walk around the city, a tourist is sure to pass through the Plaza Mayor several times.
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Iglesia de la Vera Cruz

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The temple was built by the Knights Templar in the 12th century. Later the building was taken over by the Order of Malta. At the beginning of the XX century it was taken over by the state, after which restoration work began. During the works inside the temple original frescoes, which are more than 500 years old, were discovered. During religious holidays, a costumed procession runs from the city to the church.

Monasterio de San Antonio el Real, Segovia

589 reviews
The monastery was founded by King Enrique IV in 1455. It used to be the site of his hunting grounds. The monastery should be visited for its magnificent architecture, which can be defined as a mixture of Gothic, Mudejar and Plateresco. The façade of the building is decorated with the coat of arms of the Catholic kings and one of the chapels is painted by Flemish masters belonging to the Utrecht school.

Monastery of Santa María del Parral

473 reviews
El Paral was founded by the Marquis de Villena (a powerful royal favourite) in 1447. The church façade is still decorated with the family arms of this aristocrat. The abode was built according to the design of H. Guasu. Here the brothers of the Hieronymite order found refuge. El Paral is the last active monastery of this monastic community, which today numbers only a few people.
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Iglesia de San Esteban

69 reviews
A Romanesque church of the XII-XIII centuries, which went through many reconstructions. Its architectural shape was finalised only in the 18th century. The bell tower of the cathedral can be seen from anywhere in the city due to its impressive size (53 metres in height). Experts believe that the church is the best example of the Spanish-Romanesque style, although this opinion is not universally recognised.

Iglesia de San Millán

1161 reviews
The temple is located on the way from the bus station to the Roman aqueduct, so it is almost impossible to miss this attraction. This church is one of the oldest in the city. It is believed that it was built in the XI-XII centuries. The building was built in Romanesque style, characterised by rough shapes, massive walls, narrow windows and rather simple exterior decoration.
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Iglesia de San Martín

315 reviews
The church is located in the main square of Segovia. It rivals San Millán in age, as it too was built in the eleventh century. Before the expulsion of the Moors, it was the site of an Arab mosque. The church is active – services are regularly held here. The interior decoration is rather ascetic, some parts of the walls are in dire need of restoration. On the facade of the building there are figures of four prophets.

Casa-Museo de Antonio Machado

1226 reviews
Antonio Machado was a Spanish poet, thinker and playwright. In his work he adhered to the traditions of Spanish modernism, generously diluted with folk poetry. In the house on the street Desamparados A. Machado lived from 1919 to 1932. During this time, uniting with artists, he founded the People’s University. After the poet’s death, a museum named after him was founded in the house.
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Casa del Sol - Museo de Segovia

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“Casa del Sol” means “house of the sun” in Spanish. It is a small museum that often goes unnoticed on the main tourist routes. It houses primitive tools, examples of Roman mosaics, works of art confiscated from monasteries during the alienation of church property, sculptures, engravings and an interesting glass collection.
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Museum of Contemporary Art Esteban Vicente

237 reviews
The collection is located in the palace of King Enrique IV, which was built in the 15th century. It consists of 150 paintings, drawings and sculptures by the artist Esteban Vicente, a representative of abstract expressionism. He hardly lived in Spain, but after his death he willed that his works should return to his homeland in Segovia. The museum was created in the 2000s according to the master’s last will.
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Casa De Los Picos

535 reviews
The attraction is so named because its façade is faced with pyramid-shaped blocks. The building is located on the way from the Plaza Mayor to the aqueduct. The house used to belong to the de la Hoz family. The family coat of arms still adorns the wall. Inside there is an art school and a small exhibition gallery, which can be visited free of charge.
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Royal Palace of La Granja of San Ildefonso

20070 reviews
La Granja is a palace complex located in the town of San Idelfonso, 15 kilometres from Segovia. It is a royal residence in the countryside. Before the construction of La Granja, it was the hunting grounds of the Castilian monarchs and later monastic lands. The construction of the complex began by order of Philip V at the beginning of the 18th century.
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