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Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Slovenia

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About Slovenia

The small Central European country of Slovenia attracts with its abundance of medieval castles and churches. The old towns surprise with different architectural styles, ranging from rough Romanesque to elegant Rococo. Slovenes treat all these centuries-old buildings with care, trying to preserve the atmosphere of their ancient heritage.

The uniqueness of the local nature is in the contrast. Without leaving the country, you can laze on the beach of the Adriatic Sea and a couple of hours later you can be skiing down an alpine slope. Also, nowhere else in Europe can you find such an abundance of unique karst rocks that form interesting natural monuments.

People come here to improve their health both physically and mentally. Slovenia, famous for its thermal springs, attracts tourists with professional health resorts. The protected areas formed on the territory of the country preserve the picturesque landscapes of crystal clear glacial lakes, impregnable waterfalls and lush alpine meadows in pristine condition.

Top Cities to Visit in Slovenia

Top-22 Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

Lake Bled

7039 reviews

The reservoir, located among the mountain peaks in north-western Slovenia, has as its main attraction a single islet with the Chapel of the Assumption. The Bell of Wishes, surrounded by legends, is located there. The scenic beauty of the mountain lake can be explored from the water surface by travelling on special boats called “pletnas”.

Postojna Cave

41441 reviews
An ancient karst cave system from the Slovenian region of Notranjska Kraška, formed by the Pivka River. The cave walls, created by the oldest limestone rocks, maintain a temperature of 10 degrees all year round. In addition to stalactites and stalagmites frozen in various forms, a large number of tourists are lured by the aquarium with an exceptional amphibian – the “human fish”.
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Anthony's Shaft Mining Museum

862 reviews
A local farmer’s discovery of glimpses of mercury in the well water prompted the creation of a mining town on the site of former farms. The most popular places in this industrial corner of Slovenia are the mercury mines and the best technical museum, nestled in the castle of Geverkeng. Idrija is also famous for its unusual lace and juniper vodka.

Predjama Castle

19564 reviews
The unique possession of the knight Erasmus rests on a 123 metre high rock and is the undisputed winner in terms of the audacity and unusualness of the structure among similar buildings. Predjam Castle surprises with the boldness of the creators who managed to build a structure out of rock. Inside the castle there is a museum that preserves the rooms and household items of the owners in pristine condition.
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Skocjan Caves

10946 reviews
An unmade miracle in the form of a system of tunnels and halls formed by the flow of a river is located in the south-west of Slovenia. The caves stretch for six kilometres and attract tourists with low underground waterfalls and unusual sinkholes. Among the special attractions is the River Canyon with a natural formation called the Cerkvenik Bridge overhanging 45 metres above the water.

Soteska Vintgar

15571 reviews
The Radovna River formed an interesting alpine area four kilometres from Lake Bled. The Vintgar Canyon was impassable until 1891, when Jakob Jaumer and the cartographer Lergetporerom explored the unknown place. On the way through the picturesque gorge you can admire numerous rapids and whirlpools. The path is paved with wooden bridges leading directly to the sixteen metre high waterfall “Noise”.
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The Slovenian resort town, washed by the Adriatic Sea, is imbued with an Italian atmosphere. The local “little Venice” attracts tourists with its medieval flavour. The lack of modern buildings contributes to Piran’s status as a museum town. Ancient monuments are scattered everywhere, including the monument to the violinist Tartini and the church with its tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the town.

OLD TOWN Rooms and Apartments

31 reviews
The old part of the capital of Slovenia is located on the right bank of the Ljubljanica River. You can enjoy the beauty of the architecture from the famous castle, Ljubljanska Grad (Ljubljana Castle). Pershena and Upper squares attract visitors with their medieval atmosphere, while the famous dragon-decorated bridges of Jože Plečnik delight tourists with their unconventionality.
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Karst Living Museum

110 reviews
The plateau stretches in the north-west of the Dinaric Plateau and is famous for its developed karst phenomena. Carbonate rocks favour the formation of sinkholes, hollows, caves, wells and disappearing rivers. These unusual properties of the limestone soil allow only grapes to be cultivated. The villages formed in the area preserve 16th century architectural monuments in the form of churches and bell towers.
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Bled Castle

26569 reviews
In medieval times it was a mighty fortress and now it is a mesmerising vantage point on the glacial Lake Bled. Perched on a 130-metre high cliff, the castle is one of the oldest buildings in Slovenia. The former residence of the monarchs now houses a museum of the historical development of Bled. Among other things, a winery and an herb gallery are open to visitors.
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1182 reviews
The river has its source in the Trent Valley and, descending through the Julian Alps, flows into the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Due to its unusual colour, the locals nicknamed the alpine river “Emerald Beauty”. Sochi’s impeccably clear waters have become home to the rare Marble trout and other fish that attract fishermen. The Solkan record-breaking railway bridge has also made the river famous.


1245 reviews
The famous Lipizian horses come from an estate an hour’s drive from Ljubljana. The Lipizian stud farm was established in the 16th century and continues to supply this unique breed of horses. At birth, the foal is dark in colour, which lightens to snow-white over time. In addition to the local pets, the estate has a collection of various carriages and wagons, carefully collected by the local reproducer.
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Ljubljana Castle

34541 reviews
The highest point of the city shows a panoramic view of Slovenia’s capital. The castle has a rich history dating back to the ninth century. From the residence of princes Ljubljana Castle turned into a city prison, and only after reconstruction in 2000 it was opened to tourists. The Virtual Museum inside tells the history of the city of Ljubljana, while the upper floor shows the directions to the world capitals with its loopholes.
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Triglav National Park Visitors Centre

20176 reviews
The highest point of the Slovenian Alps, Triglav, gave its name to a nature reserve in the north-west of the country. The strict protection regime does not allow for tourist construction, preserving the unspoilt beauty of the area. The protected area attracts hiking and skiing on the varied mountain slopes. The summer months will delight sports enthusiasts with rafting, hydro-skiing and other types of water extreme sports.
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Lake Bohinj

2714 reviews
The largest glacial lake in Slovenia belongs to the Triglav Protected Area. The Bohini area attracts those looking for an active water holiday or those wishing to swim in the clear water surface. Savica, a small river, flows out of the lake and forms a noisy waterfall nearby. On the shore you can find a statue of Zlatorog the chamois and a glimpse of the Church of St John the Baptist.

Logar Valley

4762 reviews
The protected natural area, cordoned off by mountain peaks, stretches for seven kilometres in the northern direction of Slovenia. The Logarska Valley is home to the Rinka, Sučica and Palenk waterfalls. Tourists can choose from a wide range of sporting activities. In the reserve you can go kayaking, skydiving or rock climbing. In the south-east of the valley you can visit the Klemench Cave.
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Hotel Grad Otočec

1928 reviews
The medieval building, built 7 kilometres from the Slovenian town of Novo Mesto, is secluded on a tiny island in the quiet Krka River. The Otočeca building houses a hotel, guided tours and costume balls in the evenings. The nearby English Park is a cosy place for hiking. The neighbouring thermal springs were the reason for the creation of the spa centre Šmarješke Toplice.

Vogel ski center

4802 reviews
Situated in an attractive location near the lake of the same name, the ski resort of Bohinj has been attracting fans of winter outdoor activities for many years. The reason for this is the marvellous view of the majestic Alps and the high quality of the pistes on offer. The successful neighbourhood of the Triglav Nature Reserve, whose pristine beauty mesmerises observers, makes the resort unique.
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Surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks, the city of Kranj is increasingly attracting extreme athletes with its rushing rivers and high mountain plunges. And for those who like to contemplate centuries-old buildings and picturesque landscapes, the city has saved elegant architecture, combining several styles, and ponds that are soothing in their tranquillity.

Celje Castle

4757 reviews
The location of the largest castle in Slovenia on Grajska Gora makes it a magnificent viewpoint. Preserved since the eighth century, the structure shows its former defensive grandeur – the walls of the castle are two metres thick. The castle’s architectural ensemble is a mix of styles – Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance – thanks to numerous rebuilds.
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Tivoli Park

13792 reviews
Created according to the plans of engineer Jean Blanchard two centuries ago, Tivoli has become the largest park in Slovenia, covering an area of 500 hectares. The cosy alleys of the park beckon with their beauty. Diverse floral compositions, unusual statues and exquisite fountains attract lovers of quiet walks.
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The Franja Partisan Hospital

1266 reviews
The Partisan Hospital was built by the local population under the leadership of Wiktor Wojciak. However, the hospital was named after Dr Frania Bojc Bidovec, who worked there. Safely hidden from the Nazis, the Frani Hospital helped the wounded Slovenian Partisans recover. After the war, it became a symbol of the partisan movement and was converted into a museum.
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