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About Peru

Peru is still the lost world for many tourists. The life of the Amazon and ancient civilisations holds many mysteries and secrets. They are what make Peru so attractive. There are unique flora and fauna, good ocean beaches, carpeted deserts and mountains where the biggest birds on the planet live – the condor has a wingspan of about three metres. It is truly fantastic to see it five metres above you.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Cusco area is the main attraction of the country. There is a railway to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, but you need to know that access for tourist groups is limited. Only 400 people can visit it per day. The mountainous part of Peru is extraordinarily beautiful, in the mountainous city you just want to be silent from the splendour. The only trouble that can happen is mountain sickness. Stock up on Coca leaves and tea – it’s great for relieving its symptoms.

Top-20 Tourist Attractions in Peru

Machu Picchu

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The ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu was discovered by researchers only in 1911. For more than 400 years nothing was known about the city, and the inhabitants of the Inca country mysteriously disappeared in the 15th century. The winter residence-sanctuary of the ruler Pachacuteca is located at an altitude of more than 2000m. There are only 200 buildings in the city. Methods of construction, methods of stone processing are still a mystery.

Lake Titicaca

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Lake Titicaca holds many secrets in its waters. Despite the fact that it is located at an altitude of 3812m, sharks and other marine animals can be found here, and the rocks have marks of former tides. In 2001 divers discovered the underwater city of Wanaka. The lake is navigable. You can book a two-day tour and visit Puno, see the reed islands and the aboriginal village.

Colca Canyon

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Kolka is the deepest canyon in the world. Its maximum depth is 4160m. You can climb to the highest point of the canyon “Cruz del Condor”. From the observation deck you can get beautiful pictures of the condor eagles. The inhabitants use the slopes of the Colca for farming, creating complex systems of terraces. Tourists also visit the volcanic valley and geothermal springs near Chivay.

Desierto de Sechura

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In the Nazca Desert, not only rain, but also winds are rare. The unique microclimate allowed the huge geoglyphs to survive. The reason for their appearance scientists have not yet found out. Alien or religious signs, just the fantasy of a group of ancient artists-revolutionaries – no one knows. You can see them only from the window of an aeroplane or from the observation tower of the Pan-American Highway. You can see 3 drawings from here.


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There are about 40 floating islands in Lake Titicaca. These man-made pieces of land were created by the Uru people in case of war with the Incas. After the fall of their civilisation, the river people remained living on the thatched islands. Not only the soil underfoot, but also the Indians’ houses, boats and everyday objects are made entirely of reeds.


The navel of the earth, as the word Cusco literally translates, attracts tourists from all over the world. The former Inca capital combines ancient indigenous masonry and Spanish colonial style in its architecture. Cusco is an open-air museum filled with original local flavour. Every street of this city is protected by UNESCO.

Parque Arqueológico Pisac

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Only 30km from Cusco is the ancient city of Pisac. Its streets are divided into neighbourhoods, preserved stone houses and the largest ancient cemetery. The city is divided into two parts – temple and city. A rock-cut staircase leads to the sacred buildings. There is a small Indian settlement under the temple mountain Pisaka.
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Tucume pyramids

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The pyramids of Tucume are built of clay stones. The highest ones reach 40 metres. Corridors with frescoes and bas-reliefs, inner courtyards, storage rooms have been preserved. There are 26 temples in the valley of pyramids. Researchers believe that this abandoned sanctuary was popular in ancient times and was a place of pilgrimage.
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Gocta Waterfall

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Gokta falls from a height of 771m in a double cascade. The most beautiful sight here is during the period of heavy rainfall. Near the waterfall there is a rain forest where hummingbirds, toucans, spectacled bears and other rare animals live. The waterfall was discovered in the Amazon basin in 2002. In the nearby villages of Coca or Cocachimba you can hire a guide to go up to the waterfall.

Candelabro de Paracas

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The Paracas Peninsula is characterised by a huge geoglyph candelabra. It is 128m long and 70m wide. The location of the drawing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean allowed archaeologists to assume that it served as a lighthouse and was made much later than the Nazca drawings. In the nearby town of Pisco you can find a boat for a trip to another Peruvian mystery.
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Inca Trail

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Outdoor enthusiasts can hike the Inca Trail. It stretches for 39 kilometres and was used by the Indians exclusively for religious purposes. This route is one of the top five in the world. It passes through cloud forests to the top of Machu Picchu, includes a change of climatic zones and requires preliminary acclimatisation.
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Parque Nacional del Manu

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The Manu Nature Park is divided into three zones: open to the public, scientific and the main zone, which is not accessible. The reserve is home to a huge number of species of birds, mammals, insects and plants. The reserve organises river rafting trips to Amazonian tribes and offers overnight stays in eco-capsules.

Huacachina Oasis

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Huacachina has a permanent population of just over 100 people. It is a real classic oasis with a lake and palm trees and is located near the town of Ica. It is surrounded by high dunes that attract buggy and sandboarding enthusiasts. Some of the dunes reach up to 150m. The best time here is from May to August.
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Chan Chan

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Chan Chan was an ancient metropolis. It covers an area of 20 square kilometres. Its clay walls were decorated with gold and patterns. Behind them one could take shelter not only from enemies but also from heat or cold. There was a ventilation system in the houses. Water collection pools, administrative buildings and temples have been preserved.
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Cuzco Main Square

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Plaza de Armas or the Plaza of Arms is the main attraction of the city of Cusco. There are many hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants. Here you can hear the sound of the largest bell in South America from the Cathedral. Colonial style buildings and Inca masonry have been preserved in the square.
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Lima Cathedral

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The cathedral is consecrated in honour of Saint John. Church construction began in 1535 by the conqueror of Peru F. Pissaro, whose sarcophagus is kept in the chapel. Three times the building was destroyed by earthquakes. The present church, built in 1746, impresses with its white-gold walls and Gothic vaulted ceilings. There is a working museum inside the church.
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The special masonry of the fortress puzzles modern researchers. How huge blocks could be laid out in a zigzag manner, precisely fitting corner to corner. Some blocks are much bigger than a human height. Behind the three main walls in the centre of the circle is a stone Inca calendar. Under the fortress, a system of catacombs was discovered that led to the city and the temple of the sun.
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Historical Centre of Arequipa

The centre of the second largest city is a UNESCO heritage site. The centre of the second largest city is a UNESCO heritage site. Tourists are attracted by the Cathedral, the Santa Catalina Monastery decorated with frescoes and paintings, the Casa del Moal mansion with its courtyard, and the Square of Arms.

Salt Mine of Maras

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Near Maras, stone terraces have been preserved, which the locals use for salt extraction. The water from the salt spring flows into artificial pools and evaporates naturally. If desired, tourists can participate in the extraction process. In the dry season, salt is literally shovelled.
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Islas Ballestas

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The three rocky islands of Balestas are home to penguins, sea lions, seals, harriers, pelicans and others. Whales and dolphins occasionally visit. You can only visit this place as part of a tour group. There are regular boat trips from Pisco. You can’t go ashore, but you can see the animals clearly.