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Tourist Attractions in Norway

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Norway

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About Norway

A land of rugged Vikings and northern lights, majestic fjords and snow-white ice, emerald greenery and hospitable people – this is all Norway – an amazing country located in the northern part of Europe, in the west of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Not many people know, but Norway is a kingdom. It still has its own monarch, who rules the country according to the constitution adopted in 1814.

The local climate (subarctic in the far north, maritime in the coastal regions and continental in the mountainous areas) is temperate. In summer the temperature fluctuates between plus six and fifteen degrees, in winter it drops to minus twelve degrees, but can stay around zero.

The largest city of Norway – the capital Oslo, unlike other European megacities, can boast not only a historical and cultural and commercial spectrum of entertainment, but also a stunning ecology, created thanks to numerous natural parks and reserves.

Top Cities to Visit in Norway

Top-20 Tourist Attractions in Norway


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Majestic waterfalls, sheer cliffs about one and a half kilometres high, snow-white glaciers and abandoned farms located on small mountainous areas make up the inexplicable charm of one of Norway’s most picturesque fjords. The nearby Fjords Museum introduces tourists to the geographical life of the country.

Røros Municipality

The tiny Norwegian town, known since the 17th century as a centre of copper mining, still preserves its historical heritage: its centre is represented by unique wooden houses built several centuries ago. Local artist H. Solberg was very fond of Rørhus and often painted the town and its surrounding neighbourhood.

Urnes Stave Church

753 reviews
The wooden church in Urnes, erected in the early 12th century, is a vivid example of the unique “animal style”, characterised by asymmetrical ornamentation and the use of animal motifs. The latter depict a scene of a lion (Christianity) fighting a serpent (paganism). There is a version that the carved panels of the temple depict scenes from Scandinavian mythology.
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The one hundred and eighty-two metre waterfall is Norway’s most popular waterfall. Located in the Mobødalen Valley and part of the Bjoreyu River, it is most beautiful at the foot of the waterfall, which is accessed by a hiking trail on the local National Trail. The view from the top is another convenient point to see the Vøringsfossen waterfall.

North Cape

16534 reviews
Cape Nordkapp, located on the island of Magerö, is a large, three hundred and seven metre high, fissured granite rock outcrop. It is the northernmost point (with access roads) of the common European market and contains a convenient observation deck that offers a majestic view of the Barents Sea.
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Viking Ship Museum

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In an early 20th century building on the Bjøgdø peninsula, three huge Viking ships, built in the 9th century and found a thousand years later in Oslo waters, can be seen. The items from the grand ship structures are also part of the museum collection: ancient wooden sledges and carts, crockery, household goods and fabric fragments can now be seen by everyone.
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1965 reviews
One of Europe’s largest glaciers covers an area of four hundred and eighty-seven square kilometres and has about fifty independent glaciers branching off from it. Since 1991, Justedalsbreien has been part of the national park of the same name. The glacier is fed by abundant snowfall.


Bergen’s Hanseatic promenade is made up of colourful wooden houses built before the early 18th century. Many of the old buildings have been reconstructed after numerous fires, but their stone cellars boast five hundred years of history. Modern Bruggen is a meeting place for artists working in their studios and tourists visiting the local souvenir shops.

The Vigeland Park

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Gustav Vigeland’s sculptures conveying the human condition form a separate composition of Oslo’s major park, Frogner. Wrestling, dancing, running, hugging – everything that man does and lives is embodied in more than two hundred frozen figures. Some of the park’s compositions are allegorical in nature. These include the sculptures of “Angry Baby” and “Man Attacked by Babies”.
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Pulpit Rock

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A giant cliff towering six hundred and four metres above the Luce Fjord ends in a flat, square platform. The way to it passes through picturesque mountain scenery and takes about two hours. The “Preacher’s Chair” introduces tourists to several belts of vegetation: its foot is covered with forests, towards the top only mosses and lichens remain.

Karl Johans gate

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Oslo’s main street is named after a local king who died in 1844. It runs for one kilometre along the city, connecting the Central Station with the Palace of the Norwegian Rulers. Oslo’s main attractions are located in the Karl-Johan neighbourhood. The area surrounding the street is considered the centre of the city. West Oslo is located behind the Palace, while East Oslo is located behind the railway station.


The popular Norwegian resort, located in the suburbs of Oslo, consists of five hundred kilometres of ski, biathlon and slalom slopes. The observation deck at its summit offers a stunning view of the country’s capital. Holmenkollen also has its own ski jump, which reaches a length of one hundred and fifteen metres.

The Fram Museum

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The glass tent on the shore of Oslofjord, Bjugdø peninsula, displays the Fram, a ship that took part in three Norwegian polar expeditions. Visitors to the museum can board the ship, look into the cabins and admire stuffed animals from the North and South Pole.
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The twenty-kilometre-long railway running through western Norway is part of the Bergen Mainline, but is used mainly for tourist purposes. The main part of the track runs at a gradient of five and a half degrees. The railway route runs through the picturesque Floms Valley, which is full of steep mountains, tunnels and waterfalls.
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One of Norway’s most visited waterfalls is located in the west of the country, near the town of Nurheimsunn. The 20 metre high waterfall is part of the Fosselva River. A bridge located inside the waterfall allows tourists to enjoy the unusual natural spectacle. The surroundings of Steinsdalsfoss (emerald grass, lush forests) are as beautiful as the waterfall itself.
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Troll Museum

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Protruding like a giant tongue, the Skjöggedal rock face is located far from the classic hiking trails. It takes five hours to reach it, most of which is uphill. The Troll’s Tongue offers a wonderful view of Lake Ringedalsvatn, three hundred and fifty metres down from the cliff.
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Norway’s narrowest fjord is a seventeen-kilometre-long bay with sheer cliffs more than one and a half kilometres high. On the banks of the Nærøy are small farms and tiny villages, the largest of which is Gudvangen. There, tourists can find an old hotel and a souvenir shop offering local handicrafts.

Alta Museum

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The open-air museum located in the north of Norway contains more than five thousand rock paintings. They were created by ancient people in the period from 4200 BC to 500 BC. The cave paintings contain scenes of hunting and fishing, shamanic rituals, cooking and human relationships.
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The tiny particles of sunlight colliding with gas particles in the upper atmosphere produce an amazing natural phenomenon called the northern lights. Norway is the only country in the world where you can see it in all its glory. The multi-coloured flashes in the sky are best seen in the northern part of the country from October to February.
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Lindesnes Lighthouse

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Norway’s oldest lighthouse (built in February 1655) is the southernmost in the continental part of the country. For a long time it served for navigation of ships passing between the Norwegian and Danish coasts. Nowadays, the Lindesnes Lighthouse has a museum that introduces visitors to the history of the structure, which has evolved from a coal-fired lighthouse to a state-of-the-art radio navigation system.
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