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Tourist Attractions in Casablanca

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Casablanca

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About Casablanca

Casablanca is one of the largest cities in Morocco. Its location on the coast made it an important port for the country. Trade links with other states have shaped the present-day Casablanca. The neighbourhoods combine a traditional Islamic look with modern trends from Europe. The city has long held its position as a business, tourist and cultural centre.

The construction of an international airport has brought new streams of travellers to the city. For their leisure time there is everything they need: amenities no worse than in the resorts of the Old World, and local flavour. Christian churches and synagogues are important sights. You’re unlikely to find so many of them in any other Islamic city. And the Habous Quarter and the Old Medina will give you an insight into other features of Casablanca.

Top-20 Tourist Attractions in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

19791 reviews
Construction was completed in 1993. It is considered the second largest mosque in the world. The interior decoration is onyx and golden marble. The height of the only minaret is 201 metres. The maximum capacity of the prayer hall is about 25 thousand people. The roof is sliding: in just a few minutes the spacious room turns into a courtyard. Another 80 thousand worshippers can be accommodated in the area that was built next to it.

Old City (Casablanca)

This part of Casablanca is sandwiched between the harbour and the city’s main mosque. The neighbourhoods have been shaped over decades. The Old Medina is like a classic Arab neighbourhood. The buildings are dense and the streets are always crowded. Trade is brisk, both in shops and in the open air. The neighbourhood is home to attractions such as the Sidi Kairouani shrine, a picturesque public garden and the “naval gate”.


The most recognisable part of the city. The neighbourhood was created in the 20th century for immigrants from the provinces. Since there is a palace nearby, the neighbourhood quickly became popular with the rich. The architecture is mixed – modern features are combined with classic urban buildings of the past. There are shops and several markets concentrated in the neighbourhood. They sell everything from olive oil to brassware.

United Nations Square

10784 reviews
It was built near the walls of the Medina several centuries ago. However, its modern appearance was not realised until the beginning of the last century. In the centre of the square there is a dome resembling half of a globe. It is surrounded by flags of different countries. The structure is illuminated in the evening and at night. The area is lively: there are traffic interchanges nearby, as well as a business district and streets with plenty of retail outlets.
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Muhammad V Square

It is the centre of social and business life. Restaurants, the Al-Maghrib Bank, the post office and the police prefecture are built around it. The Arab League Park and the public garden adjoin the square. Boulevards diverge in different directions – a great place for strolling. In the evening there is a colourful show performed by a light and music fountain.

La Corniche lounge restaurant

83 reviews
One of the elite districts of the city. The territory is built up with expensive villas and hotels. The seafront is always perfectly clean. Almost all the beaches in the area belong to hotels or private individuals. There are also small public areas, but there is minimal service there. Another distinctive feature of the Corniche is the abundance of greenery, gardens and flower beds. Life on the seafront boils mainly in the evening and at night.
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Mahkama of Pacha

241 reviews
The Palace of the Ruler of Casablanca was built from 1948 to 1952. It is known as a place of official receptions and the House of Justice. The exterior is modest in terms of decoration and looks more like a fortress. The palace has 64 halls, they are decorated in Moroccan and Moorish styles. The main elements of the interior decoration: multi-coloured mosaics, white marble, stucco, dark cedar. Mahkama du Pacha is not always open to tourists.
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Royal Palace

1490 reviews
Located in the New Medina. The main residence of the king in Casablanca. In terms of architecture, the palace is more inclined to traditional Moroccan and Muslim motifs, but the influence of French culture is also visible. It is surrounded by artificial reservoirs and orange groves. Tourists are sometimes allowed access to the palace grounds, but not inside. Visitors are particularly attracted by the rich decoration of the main entrance.
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Sacred Heart Cathedral

667 reviews
Construction took place in the 1930s, when the city was under French rule. The cathedral is made of cast concrete. The architectural style is ambiguous: neo-Gothic mixed with Muslim architecture. Even the towers of Sacre-Coeur look like minarets. In the 50s, the building was given to an educational institution. Later, the cathedral was converted into a cultural centre, and now it hosts exhibitions, festivals and fairs.

Church of Notre Dame of Lourdes

1025 reviews
The Catholic cathedral was built by 1956. It plays an important role for Christians living in the Islamic region. The structure is monolithic, cast in concrete. It has an atypical appearance for a Christian church. This did not prevent the cathedral from receiving the status of a cathedral. Colourful stained glass windows of impressive size stand out in the design. They are made by the famous French artist and glassblower Gabriel Laura.
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Beth-El Temple

437 reviews
The city’s central synagogue, which is considered to be the oldest in the country. It serves as a religious and cultural centre. It hosts educational classes for pre-school children. The prayer hall hosts public events. Non-religious tourists are primarily attracted by the decoration of the premises: carved rosettes, mouldings, handmade furniture, stained glass windows, large silver candlesticks.
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Abderrahman Slaoui Foundation Museum

214 reviews
In the past, the house belonged to the businessman in whose honour it is named. The collection is still in private hands, but access is unrestricted for tourists. The collection is based on a collection of Moroccan decorative arts. Other exhibits include posters from the 1890s-1950s, Berber jewellery, inlaid furniture, glass boxes, ceramics and perfume bottles.
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Museum of Moroccan Judaism

332 reviews
Such an exposition is unique for the Islamic region. It tells about Jewish culture and the contribution of this people to the development of the country. Among the exhibits are clothes, jewellery, cult objects, models of landmark buildings, photographs and ancient books. They are divided by themes and halls. The permanent exposition is supplemented by temporary exhibitions. Documentary films are shown in the museum’s media centre.
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Villa of Arts

416 reviews
The art gallery is located in a building with a picturesque garden. The architectural style is Art Deco. The collection gathered here was presented to the public in the 30s of the last century. In the halls visitors are shown paintings, panels, sculptures. Both Moroccan artists and foreign artists are represented. This centre is not only an exposition, but also a cultural centre. Many city events are organised here.
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Casablanca tram

Casablanca’s tram system is one of the most modern in the world. It was put into operation in 2012. The length is 31 kilometres and the number of stops is 48. The carriages were purchased from the French. They are equipped with air conditioners, tinted glasses, monitors, where all important information for passengers is displayed. The load limit is about 250 thousand people per day. Now the passenger flow is 2 times less.

El Hank Lighthouse

361 reviews
It appeared on the cape of the same name in 1914. The height is about 50 metres. The lighthouse is distinguished from similar buildings in other cities only by its Moroccan-style cornice. The lighthouse keeper lets tourists inside for a small fee. To get to the top, you need to overcome a spiral staircase made of marble. The lighthouse equipment is about 100 years old, but it is fully operational. The light from here can be seen for 53 kilometres.
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Twin Center Shopping Mall

132 reviews
The Twin Towers are located in the commercial district of the city. The tallest of such buildings in Casablanca. The centre has been in operation since 1998. The project belongs to the architect from Spain Riccardo Bofilla. Inside, in addition to offices, there are 130 shops, a luxury hotel, a high-level restaurant, a bar and a supermarket. The boutiques sell both European and national brands, as well as products from local big names.
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Morocco Mall

20136 reviews
The best place to shop in Casablanca. The modern shopping and entertainment centre is located near the coast. Shops of dozens of world brands are gathered under one roof. Entertainment is represented by Adventureland children’s play area, IMAX cinema complex, large aquarium, musical fountain, skating rink and garden with a pond. You can also have a snack here: the local food court is the largest in the city.
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Ain Diab Beach

174 reviews
Casablanca’s premier beach holiday destination. The territory is divided into public, closed and private beaches. Service is at a high level: there are any facilities and hire of everything you need. Cafes and bars are close to the beach. Leisure: sports grounds, petanque games, camel and horse riding, water attractions. The coastal waters are often rough, but there are also calm periods.

حديقة تماريس المائية

2548 reviews
Morocco’s largest water park. “Tamaris” is located 15 kilometres from Casablanca. The area of the territory is 7.5 hectares. The children’s entertainment zone is called “Twistie Paradis”. There is a souvenir shop, a cafe, a bar with soft drinks, a mini-zoo. The ticket includes the right to stay in the water park for a whole day and the possibility to use any of its attractions, pools and beach.
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