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Tourist Attractions in Guyana

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Guyana

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About Guyana

Guyana is not hugely popular with tourists. Its capital is called a criminal and dangerous city, and some of the natural beauties are not yet accessible by tourist routes. Most of Guyana is covered with forests. The country has many waterfalls, savannahs and rivers. The Kaieteur Falls are 5 times higher than the Niagara Falls, and the wide and picturesque Orinduik Falls are suitable for swimming.

Though Georgetown has a notoriety, you can see amazing buildings in this city. The lighthouse, university, cathedrals and temples are very colourful and pretty, there is a lot to see in the city. Decent accommodation in the city can be found for little money. The climate in Guyana is very humid and it is warm all year round. That is why there are incredible forests and quite a rich natural world. You can explore it at the Georgetown Zoo or Shell Beach, where sea turtles lay their eggs.

One of Guyana’s most recognisable sites is Mount Roraima. The climb to its summit alone is worth flying to this country. A huge plateau at an altitude of 2810 metres, shrouded in clouds, produces an indelible effect on tourists. Even at the foot of the mountain looks interesting and colourful.

Guyana has a huge number of natural attractions that are worth seeing. And if you put aside stereotypes and be careful, you can have a lot of fun walking around the capital and exploring its streets.

Top-12 Tourist Attractions in Guyana


It is the capital of Guyana, its commercial and political centre. The city is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It has warm and humid air all year round. Georgetown was founded in 1781 by Dutch colonists, and then it was taken over by the British. The city has many Hindu temples, wooden buildings, a cathedral, a lighthouse, and museums.

Kaieteur Falls - Guyana

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The waterfall is located in western Guyana on the Potaro River. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Its height is 226 metres. Niagara Falls is lower by almost 5 times and Victoria Falls by 2 times. Kaieteur is not very popular because of its inaccessible location. It is surrounded by rainforest and pristine nature has been preserved around it.

Mount Roraima

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This mountain is the highest point in Guyana. It is often referred to as a fantasy world. It reaches a height of 2,810 metres, but it has no sharp spires. On the highest point there is a plateau of 30 kilometres square. It is constantly shrouded in snow-white clouds, and climbing it is not easy. As a reward, every visitor is rewarded with incredible scenery.


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This causeway stretches along the entire shoreline of Georgetown, extending far beyond its boundaries. It was begun in 1855 after Camp House was washed away. Due to the erosion of the land by the sea, the dyke was destroyed many more times. Several houses were flooded, and the dam was widened and rebuilt. In 1903, part of the causeway was named the Queen Victoria Memorial.
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Rupununi Savannahs

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It is a savannah in Guyana, which is located in the tropical and subtropical grassland region. Its area exceeds 8,000 square kilometres. The savannah has almost untouched swamps, grasslands and forests. It also boasts a great diversity of the natural world. The savannah is home to about 250 species of birds, 18 of which are endemic, as well as jaguars and harpies.

St George's Cathedral

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One of the main attractions in Georgetown is St George’s Cathedral. It is an Anglican church that was completed in 1899. The cathedral stands on a stone foundation, but is made of wood. It is made in neo-Gothic style, and its main decorations are numerous stained glass windows. The height of the cathedral is 43.4 metres. For a long time the wooden church was the highest in the world.

Botanical Gardens Guyana

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The Georgetown Zoo opened in 1952 on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. The zoo covers an area of almost 50 hectares. It is home to about 30 species of mammals, including jaguars, pumas, otters, and tapirs, as well as 49 species of birds, 20 species of fish, and 15 species of reptiles. The botanical garden near the zoo is very beautiful, well-maintained, pleasant and interesting to walk in.
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Orinduik Falls

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The waterfall is located on the Ireng River. It is one of the largest in the country. The waters of the waterfall flow down numerous terraces and cascades. Their total height is 25 metres and their width is 150 metres. The banks of the waterfall are covered with lush and wild greenery. Bathing in the water of Orinduik is very pleasant and comfortable. The current has a massage effect and the water containing tannin makes the hair soft and silky.

Shell Beach, Guyana

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In addition to sand, shells and waves, this beach is home to some amazing animals. Four of the eight known species of sea turtles come to the 140 kilometre long beach to lay their eggs. The best time to watch this is at night. You can even take some photos in the animals’ natural environment. Shell Beach is a UNESCO heritage site.

Guyana National Museum

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The country’s only lighthouse at the mouth of the Demerara River at the entrance to the port of Georgetown. In 1817, the Dutch built a wooden lighthouse. And in 1830, the foundation stone of a new tower-type lighthouse was laid. It reaches 21 metres in height. The lighthouse serves ships that enter the capital’s harbour and is one of the main attractions of Georgetown.
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Lethem is a town on the banks of the Takutu River. One of the most exciting events of the year is the Rupununi Rodeo. It is said that the festival was founded by an American, Ben Hart. The rodeo takes place every year during the Easter holidays. It attracts professional cowboys who turn it into a cultural and sporting festival.

Essequibo River

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Guyana’s largest river is called the Essequibo. Its length is 1000 kilometres. On its way it flows through forests, savannahs, forms numerous rapids and waterfalls. Among them are the Pot and Murray Falls. Some of its sections are also dotted with small islands. According to current estimates, their number reaches 360.