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Tourist Attractions in Harbin

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Harbin

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About Harbin

Harbin was founded by Russians at the end of the 19th century. Although much time has passed, the connection between our cultures has not been lost. There are many buildings and sights in the city that are connected to Russia in one way or another. One of the most famous parks is named after Stalin, and the Volga Estate is a large and popular cultural and tourist center. Even on the largest pedestrian street in Asia, Russian shops and restaurants stand out from the crowd.

Harbin has many modern buildings, such as the Opera House, which opened in 2015 and is a work of architectural art. Locals and visitors can rest in theme parks or on the grounds of the indoor ski resort. Wildlife lovers should also visit the park with Amur tigers.

Top-20 Tourist Attractions in Harbin

Saint Sophia's Church

321 reviews
Built in 1907. It underwent serious changes in the following two decades. The three-domed temple is about 48 metres high and is made in the pseudo-Russian style. The internal painting was done by the artist Anastasiev. For some time after the departure of the Russians it stood in desolation. Restoration was carried out, and since 1996 the cathedral has been included in the list of cultural monuments. An architectural museum is based in it.

Harbin Urban Administrative Enforcement Bureau Zhongyang Street Pedestrian Street Unit Branch

2 reviews
Also called “Central”. Stretches from Flood Winners’ Square to Jingwei Street. The largest pedestrian street in Asia. Its length is almost 1.5 thousand metres and width is 21 metres. It appeared at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. Initially it was dirty, but in 1923 it began to acquire a respectable look. Since there are many shops here now, the area has become not only a walking area, but also a place of active shopping.

Sun Island Scenic Area

22 reviews
It is located on several islands surrounded by lakes and the Sungari River. The area is 3.8 thousand hectares. It has two zones: park and resort. A great species diversity of flora and fauna complements the local beauty. In summer, tourists visit the spacious beach with white sand. In winter, all kinds of sports competitions are held here. In the southern part there is a Russian district with appropriate architecture and establishments.

Harbin Stalin Park

137 reviews
Installed at the entrance to the Stalin Park. The monument appeared in 1958 and is dedicated to the events that took place a year earlier. The Sungari River overflowed its banks and threatened several districts of the city. All available forces and resources were thrown to fight the disaster. At present, dams have been built to prevent such a scenario. The memorial complex consists of a column 13 metres high and a gallery that is almost twice as low.

Harbin Stalin Park

137 reviews
It was demolished in 1953. In the past there were warehouses here. It occupies an area of 10 km². It stretches along the embankment. There are many monuments and sculptures in the park, including a bust of Stalin. The square in the centre is the venue for events during public holidays. One of the most popular places in the park is the Russian cuisine restaurant “Pribrezhny”. Its building is an example of wooden Russian architecture.

Zhaolin Park

41 reviews
Located in the centre near the main pedestrian street of the city. It was founded in 1906. In the heart of the park you can find an artificial lake and a picturesque mountain. Visiting at different times of the year will give you new impressions. For example, in summer there are many attractions for all ages. And in winter there is a festival of snow and ice sculptures. There are also skating rinks and play areas for the youngest tourists.

Site Of Unit 731 Of Japanese Army That Invaded China The Second Protective Region

13 reviews
It was founded in 1978. Its goal is to prevent new generations from forgetting about the terrible pages of China’s history. The exposition tells about the activities of the secret Japanese Unit 731. The wards of military biologist Shiro Ishii tortured prisoners and conducted inhuman experiments on them. In 1945, all the subjects were destroyed along with their equipment. The museum is located in the former headquarters of the unit. Entrance to the museum is free of charge.

Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum

7 reviews
It has been open since 2003. The area is 50 thousand m², of which 13.5 thousand m² are exhibition halls. There are about 200 exhibits in the large hall. In total, the exposition occupies 3 floors. The exhibitions are divided into 12 zones according to the field of science and topics. Interactive programmes have been developed. The cinema at the museum is one of the most modern in the world. There are rooms for international conferences.

Heilongjiang Museum

46 reviews
The building was built in 1904. Inside there was a shop “Moscow”. Later part of the premises was used as a bank and post office. Since 1923, temporary exhibitions have been held here. The area is 12 thousand square metres. The permanent exposition started working after the liberation of China. There are more than 107 thousand exhibits. Most of them are kept in the funds, the most significant ones are exhibited in three halls. The first one tells about ancient relics, the other two – about animals of the region.

Harbin Grand Theatre

24 reviews
Opened in 2015. It is built on a waterlogged island on the banks of the Sungari River. It is connected to the city by a motorway bridge. The building is futuristic: smooth curved lines should emphasise harmony with the surrounding area. The design of the roof and walls made it possible to make the atrium very light. The auditorium is panelled in wood and has a seating capacity of 1600 spectators. The theatre and the surrounding area cover an area of 80,000 m².


It was founded in 1923. The name of this Buddhist temple translates to “bliss” or “supreme joy”. It is one of the largest temples in the north-east of the country in terms of interior space. The height of the structure is about 30 metres. It consists of several halls. Buddha statues are installed in each of them. The area around Jile is also decorated with monuments of various sizes.

Harbin Confucius Temple

13 reviews
It was built in the 20s of the last century. The area of the territory, including the temple itself – 25 thousand m². Right behind the gate is a souvenir shop. Nearby, on a special pedestal, there is a beam that was used to lock the gates in the past. It is touched to find peace of mind. A statue of Confucius has stood in the courtyard since 1998. There are several separate rooms, each with its own purpose. For example, one of the halls is a museum.

Harbin Cable Factory Co.,Ltd.

It is laid over the river and connects the city with Sunny Island. The length is 156 metres, the maximum height is 70 metres and the speed is up to 5 km/h. Tourists have a choice of small cabins or classic eight-seater cabins. For one hour at full load the cable car can carry about one and a half thousand passengers. During a short and comfortable journey, you can admire the surrounding area.

Long Ta

60 reviews
It is used as intended – for broadcasting radio and television signals. The height is 336 metres. The highest in Asia and the second highest in the world. There are several observation platforms, as well as a revolving restaurant, from which the panorama of the city is also clearly visible. In the dark, the tower is illuminated with spotlights. The ground floors are dedicated to waxworks and souvenir shops.

Wanda Realm Resort Harbin

60 reviews
The largest indoor ski resort in the world. Open all year round, the temperature inside the main rooms is approximately -5 °C. There are several slopes of varying difficulty. The height difference reaches 80 metres. The area of the entertainment zone in the park around the covered slope exceeds 15 thousand m². About 30 show programmes are available to visitors. Not only winter attractions are available, but also theatre performances.

Harbin Polarland

152 reviews
Located on the “Sunny Island”. The area exceeds 1.5 hectares. The conditions for comfortable living of many polar species of animals and fish are recreated here. There are daily performances with penguins and sea lions. You can watch the inhabitants of the park both in the immediate vicinity and through large monitors installed in the premises. There are cafes and souvenir shops.
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Siberia Tiger Park

143 reviews
Located 15 kilometres from the city. The area is 356 hectares. It was originally opened to save the population of Amur tigers, which are considered an endangered species. Later it was turned into a tourist centre. The money received from visitors stays in the park and is used for its maintenance. The number of tigers has grown from 8 individuals to several hundred. Visitors are allowed not only to see the wild cats, but also to participate in feeding them.

Volga Manor

446 reviews
It is located in the suburbs of Harbin. The area of the territory is 600 thousand m². All buildings are made in the traditional Russian style. In addition to walking areas, restaurants with Russian cuisine, conference halls and natural beauty, there are cosy hotels within the complex. Since 2011 the status of Volga as a state-level attraction has been upgraded. This does not prevent the estate from hosting festive events such as weddings.

Forest Botanical Garden Eberswalde

378 reviews
It was founded in 1958. The area is about 136 hectares. It is divided into zones with about 1.4 thousand plant species. The garden of medicinal plants is of particular interest to tourists. An extensive rose garden is separated. One of the distinctive features is that the park workers try to keep it blooming all year round. Therefore, new ones immediately appear in place of fading specimens.
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Harbin Ice & Snow World

78 reviews
First held in 1985. Since then, it has become an annual event and lasts for a month starting from 5 January. The tradition of making ice lanterns dates back to the Qing Dynasty. In the present, it has been moved away from it, but the basics have been retained. During the festival a whole ice city appears on the streets of Harbin. The snow and ice sculptures are illuminated to make them even more beautiful and graceful.