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Tourist Attractions in Hainan

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Hainan

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About Hainan

Tropical Hainan is famous for its magnificent beaches, picturesque coral reefs and year-round sunny weather. The island is covered with natural and landscape parks, creating a unique ecosystem and harmonious atmosphere for people looking for unity with nature.

The island’s beaches are exemplary in terms of cleanliness, comfort and beauty of the surrounding scenery. And all this splendour is offered for quite adequate money. Not without reason the island has earned the nickname “East Hawaii”.

Holidays on Hainan Island are popular with the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire. A rich cultural heritage of the past has been preserved here. Once upon a time, in the times of the imperial dynasty, noble nobles who for some reason did not please the ruler were exiled to the island.

Top-20 Tourist Attractions in Hainan

Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden

208 reviews
One of the largest Buddhist complexes in Asia, covering a vast area of 50 square kilometres. It consists of an imposing Guanyin Temple with a 108-metre high statue of the Goddess of Mercy on the roof and a landscaped park decorated according to classical Feng Shui traditions. The complex is located about 40 kilometres from the resort town of Sanya. It is nestled at the foot of Nanshan Mountain.

Phoenix Island

41 reviews
An artificial island created from individual coral reefs and small patches of land, located off the coastline of Hainan (near Sanya harbour). Several futuristic skyscrapers have been built on it, housing five-star hotels as well as luxury private villas, famous brand shops, a yacht club, a sports complex, an amusement park and a beach. Phoenix and Hainan are connected by a 390 metre bridge.

Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County

An open-air museum dedicated to the Li and Miao indigenous cultures of Hainan Island. It is a vast park area with traditional buildings characteristic of these ethnographic groups. The villagers are skilful actors who put on folklore performances for tourists and demonstrate dexterous skills. The improvised settlement is located 30 kilometres from Sanya.

Hainan Museum

31 reviews
The museum’s extensive exhibition consists of valuable art objects from different eras. There are collections of Chinese porcelain, paintings, weapons, Chinese silk clothes, jade items, precious metals and sculptures. Some exhibits are several thousand years old. In a separate hall, you can view a unique collection of silk paintings and ancient calligraphic scrolls.


1 reviews
One of the bays of the South China Sea, about 30 kilometres from Sanya. The name of the place translates from Chinese as “the shore of the dragon”. The best hotels of Hainan are located on the picturesque Yalong coast, which is surrounded by forests, mountains, snow-white beaches and magnificent tropical gardens. The bay is considered the most prestigious resort of the whole island. Locals commonly refer to the bay as “paradise on earth”.


17 reviews
Dadunhai is located near Sanya. It can be reached on foot from the city. The beaches of the bay are especially loved by tourists because of reasonable prices for hotel accommodation and traditional “holiday pleasures”. The length of the beaches of the bay coast is about 2 kilometres. Also here you can find almost ideal conditions for surfing, which attracts fans of this sport.

Trop Wildlife Park&Botanical Garden

A natural park created in 1999. On its territory, tourists can observe the life of exotic animals that are in their natural habitat. Here live ostriches, black swans, parrots, monkeys, crocodiles, lions and other representatives of fauna. Children will be delighted by the enclosure with lion cubs and tiger cubs, and adults can watch the process of feeding adult predators.


9 reviews
A reserve established to study and breed Guangxi macaques, a subspecies of small-sized monkeys. It is located about 80 kilometres from Sanya in a quiet and remote area of Hainan Island. The park is home to about 2,000 individuals. They roam freely along the alleys, sit on trees, rocks and the ground, and hang on visitors in bunches, always trying to get into their bags and pockets and snatch their favourite things.

Hilton Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa

83 reviews
A nature reserve near Yalong Bay with a unique collection of butterflies from different parts of the world. It is also home to a large number of exotic insects (over 2,000 species). There is a small museum and a souvenir shop for tourists. The best time to visit the reserve is in the morning before the heat of the day sets in.

Luhuitou Park

959 reviews
The park is located in Sanya on a fairly large area around a high mountain. The name of the area comes from a legend about a hunter who prepared to kill a deer, but in time noticed that the animal turned its head and turned into a beautiful girl. In Chinese, the name of the park sounds like “Luhuaitou”. There is a deer nursery where you can feed the animals and take memorable photos with them.

Nantian Resort Spa

The therapeutic thermal waters where local people used to bathe and improve their health centuries ago. Today “Zhujiang Nantian” is a modern well-equipped complex with 36 swimming pools with different temperature and water composition. On its territory there is a cosy hotel, a Chinese cuisine restaurant, several outdoor cafes, traditional tea houses and spa salons. The hot springs are quite popular among the locals.

Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark

17 reviews
The volcano is located in the national park of the same name. Its slopes are covered with dense tropical vegetation, in some places turning into impenetrable jungle. Thanks to natural steps made of frozen lava, tourists can climb up to the crater itself – the heart of the volcano that was frozen many millennia ago. On the slopes of the mountain there is a museum and a restaurant. The climb to the top is equipped with comfortable benches for resting.

Wuzhi Mountain

56 reviews
A mountain massif that got its name because of its resemblance to the shape of a palm (“uzhishan” means “five fingers” in Chinese). The highest peak of the ridge reaches 1867 metres. There are many trekking trails through the territory of the massif, which can be used to climb two of the five peaks of Wuzhishan. The area is home to several hundred species of tropical fauna and about 170 species of orchid.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

496 reviews
Tropical garden of 80 hectares, founded in 1957 as part of the scientific base of an agricultural institute dedicated to the research and conservation of valuable plants. In addition to ornamental crops, the garden grows coffee, vanilla, black pepper and fruit. At the local shop, tourists can buy a souvenir of flavoured coffee and Silun vanilla tea, which are made from local produce.

Yanoda Rain Forest Culture Tourist Zone Ticket Office

29 reviews
The Yanoda Jungle is located in the southern part of Hainan at the Qixian Ridge. More than 45 km² of forest has been converted into a landscaped tourist area, including a landscape park with a lotus lake, a river, waterfalls and a tropical orchid greenhouse. The park is equipped with walking paths, suspension bridges and a rope crossing across the gorge. A tented camp is organised in the jungle for tourists who want to be at one with nature.


25 reviews
A small 2km² island located about 20 minutes by boat from Hainan Island. The tourist infrastructure is relatively new, so Pirates Island still retains the charm of unspoilt nature. Almost its entire area is covered with virgin tropical forests. Around the coastline there are picturesque coral reefs. Tourists can relax on the clean and picturesque beaches of the island.


The island is located a few kilometres from the Hainan coastline. It can be reached by boat or motorboat. Nature has created here ideal conditions for diving. The island is surrounded by densely populated coral reefs, where amazing marine creatures live. Visibility in the clear water is almost perfect, making for an unforgettable diving experience.


21 reviews
A narrow strip of sand several dozen metres wide separating the fresh waters of the Wanzuanhe, Lungong and Jiuqu rivers from the salty waves of the South China Sea. This unique natural place is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The beach is located near the small town of Boao, which is on the east coast of the island. The “Jade Belt” is covered with snow-white sparkling sand.


284 reviews
A magnificent landscape park with numerous caves, sacred trees and grottoes, which according to Taoist philosophy are considered to be gateways to another world. The Dragon Temple, the lord of the world, is located on its territory. This place is sacred to all followers of Taoism. Thousands of pilgrims come to the park every year, not to mention tens of thousands of tourists from mainland China and other countries.

Meishehe Fengxiang Wetland Park

The story of the park’s foundation is connected with a tragic legend about the love of a boy and a girl who turned into boulders and froze on the coast. Over time, other stones began to appear near them. Each boulder has its own poetic name. The park’s paths offer a mesmerising view of the coastline. The “Edge of Light” is intended for leisurely walks, reflection and contemplation of nature.