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Tourist Attractions in Brazil

The most interesting and beautiful tourist sites in Brazil

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About Brazil

The Federative Republic of Brazil is a hospitable country that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Climatic conditions allow you to come here all year round, but the real tourist boom Brazil experiences the real tourist boom on the eve of Easter, when the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is held.

Brazil is also famous for its bustling white sand beaches, picturesque nature and original local cuisine. In this country it is worth visiting the amazing Amazon, swampy Pantanal, sandy Lensois-Maranhensis and other national parks where you can see anaconda or fish for piranhas.

As Brazil used to be a slave trading country, some of its cities such as Diamontina, Olinda, Oro Preto, São Luís and Goiás have preserved colonial architecture in almost pristine condition. Among the diversity of Brazilian cuisine, the unusual assortment of feijoada, tutu mashed meat and beans, marinated Sarapatel liver and carne do sol jerky are worth a visit.

Top Cities to Visit in Brazil

Top-25 Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Iguazu Falls

4095 reviews
The Iguazu River Falls complex is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. To fully enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls, tourists can take a sightseeing tour not only on foot or by car, but also by helicopter or boat. The unique local ecosystem is protected by UNESCO.

Christ the Redeemer

114546 reviews
One of the seven “new wonders of the world”, the Christ the Saviour Monument, is located in Rio de Janeiro. It is the city’s calling card, as well as a popular tourist attraction. The monument was inaugurated in 1931, and in 1965 Pope Paul VI re-consecrated the statue of Christ the Saviour.
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Ipanema Beach

4112 reviews
Popular and safe – this is how Ipanema Beach can be characterised. Small waves prevail here, which makes swimming quite calm. Ipanema’s beach cafes sell various drinks, ice-cream, sandwiches or fruit. The shops, hotels and houses surrounding the beach are considered the most expensive in Rio de Janeiro.

Ouro Preto

Oro Preto is an old picturesque town founded in 1711. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, gold was mined here, which contributed to the rapid development of the city. At the end of the XIX century gold mining stopped and Oru Preto fell into disrepair. The city has been inscribed on the UNESCO list for its many well-preserved examples of colonial baroque architecture.

Serra da Capivara National Park

1351 reviews
The north-east of the country is occupied by the UNESCO-protected Serra da Capivara National Park, which covers more than 120,000 hectares. The park is valued primarily for its unique rock paintings dating back to the 14th century BC. In Serra da Capivara, there are 64 archaeological zones with 14 hiking trails.
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Amazon Theatre

30532 reviews
A bright representative of eclecticism, the pompous Amazonas Opera House was opened in 1896 in the city of Manaus. The building was built with the money of rich “rubber magnates”, but as the city became poorer, the theatre fell into disrepair. Restoration work in 1990 restored the building to its former beauty, and today the theatre is once again performing.
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Saturday: 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Fernando de Noronha

The unique ecosystem of the Fernando di Noronha archipelago has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2002. Thanks to its well thought-out infrastructure, all 20 islands of the archipelago are considered a top-class ecotourism centre. You can also go diving or surfing here.

Centro Histórico de Olinda

7902 reviews
The foundations of Olinda, located in the north-east of the country, were laid as early as the 16th century by Portuguese colonisers. The buildings of the historic centre date back to the 18th century and are considered the best preserved example of the first period of settlement. Since 1982, the historic centre of Olinda has been inscribed on the UNESCO List.

Playa El Cuco

3983 reviews
Salvador is a colourful city and the birthplace of the Brazilian martial art of capoeira. Once a slave port, Salvador is now a popular beach resort. Salvador offers its tourists about 20 equipped beaches with a length of more than 40 kilometres. Capoeira masters perform every evening in Pelourinho Square.
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A wetland reserve that is home to giant butterflies, rare birds and animals. In the Pantanal’s most visited town, Cuiabe, you can book a guided tour. Apart from the usual activities, you can fish for piranhas or take part in a night boat safari in Pantanal.


16 reviews
Every year in February, Rio de Janeiro welcomes millions of tourists who seek to attend the famous Brazilian Carnival. The highlight of the carnival is the parade of samba schools, for which performers prepare for many months. To attend the four-day carnival, tourists should make hotel reservations in advance.
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Centro Histórico de Salvador, Bahia

867 reviews
Thanks to the beautifully preserved examples of colonial architecture, the historic neighbourhoods of Salvador da Bahia were inscribed on the UNESCO List in 1985. Tourists here should visit Pelourinho Square, the local cathedral and the Elevador-Lacerda lift.

Amazon Rainforest

10350 reviews
The tropical forests that surround the Amazon River are more than 55 million years old. It is home to a huge number of animals, birds and insects. Tourists from all over the world come here to see the local natives, canoe under the moon or catch a couple of piranhas.


The very popular Karakol waterfall, which offers an unusually beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, is located 7 kilometres from the town of Kanela. A short distance from the waterfall there is a viewing platform for tourists, equipped with a lift. There are also souvenir shops and cafes.

Guarani Jesuit mission of Santa Ana

613 reviews
In 1983, five Jesuit missions from the 17th and 18th centuries were inscribed on the UNESCO List. These missions-reductions, which were mini-cities with all the associated infrastructure, were built to convert local tribes, particularly the Guaraní Indians, to Catholicism.
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Pedra Pintada

Pedra Pintada is a famous archaeological site in Brazil. Inside this 35 metre high rock, caves with white and pink rock paintings have been discovered. These drawings are dated by experts to the X millennium BC. Various household items of ancient people were also found here.

Royal Portuguese Reading Room

2596 reviews
Located in Rio de Janeiro, the Royal Library of Portugal was founded in 1837 and became a public library in 1900. The library building, built in the Neo-Manuelino style, combines Gothic and Renaissance elements. It houses about 350,000 books in Portuguese.
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Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses

12066 reviews
Located in the north-east of the country, the Lensois-Maranhensis National Park was founded in 1981. More than 1000 km2 of the park is covered by amazing sand dunes, which are about 40 metres high. After the rains, the water forms lagoons suitable for swimming. Entry to the park is free, while bicycle and sandboard hire is charged.

Sugarloaf Mountain

9301 reviews
One of the symbols of Rio de Janeiro is Sugar Loaf Mountain. Located near Guanabara Bay, this 396 metre high mountain is a great lookout point. The mountain can be reached on foot, by cable car or by one of the many climbing routes.


100679 reviews
Brazil’s most spacious stadium, completed in 1965, is officially named Mario Filho, in honour of the famous Brazilian sports journalist. The stadium was the result of a collaboration between 7 top architects, and in 1980 John Paul II held a service here.

Parque Ibirapuera

272019 reviews
São Paulo Ibirapuera City Park, whose buildings were designed by the famous Oscar Niemeyer, was inaugurated in 1954. For its extensive green space, this popular attraction is also called the lungs of the city. Ibirapuera is home to a planetarium, the Museum of Modern Art, the São Paulo Obelisk and the Bandeiras Monument.
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Copacabana Beach

6749 reviews
The world-famous Capacabana Beach is located in Rio de Janeiro. This four-kilometre long recreation area has been used as a concert venue many times. Rod Stewart, Elton John, Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz have performed here. Many beachfront hotels, cafes, discos and casinos make a holiday on Capacabana a truly unforgettable experience.

Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos

704 reviews
It is an extraordinarily beautiful church complex that was built from 1773 to 1809. Bon Jesús do Congonhas consists of a church, seven chapels of the Way of the Cross of Christ, and sculptures of the prophets. Since 1985, this church complex has been protected by UNESCO.
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Diamond Museum

800 reviews
In the Espinhaçu Mountains there is the town of Diamantina, where you can see perfectly preserved buildings from the XVIII century. The town’s hallmark, the Gloria complex, consisting of two buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, deserves special attention. Since 1999, the historic centre of Diamantina has been included in the UNSCO list.
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Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros

8330 reviews
Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is located in the centre of the country, just a few kilometres from the capital. It was created in 1961, and in 2001 it was included in the UNESCO list. The park can only be travelled on foot, but this is more than compensated for by the beautiful scenery. There are several canyons and waterfalls.
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